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Top 5 Most Romantic Hotels in the United States

February 12th, 2013 · No Comments

February may mean the kick off a month-long cheesiness for lovers but there are places that we know of that never fails to make lovers smile.

Willows Lodge in Washington

For just around $120 a night, couples can enjoy the ambiance of this rustic yet luxurious lodge in Woodinville in Washington. It is near the Sammamish River and has a generous acreage in the wine country. Willows Lodge has 84 rooms that are decorated subtly. Couples can enjoy a relaxing tie in the Jacuzzi, a good massage, or leisurely walks around the well-maintained garden. You can also bike around the nearby nature’s trail.

Enchantment Resort in Arizona

The towering red rocks of the Boynton Canyon serve as a nice backdrop to the adobe structures of the Enchantment Resort. The architecture spotlights Native American elements, oversize tubs, and kiva fireplaces. The resort also has pools, tennis courts, and a mini golf offering. The staff also offers tours along scenic trails.

Hamilton Turne Inn in Georgia

This bed and breakfast in Savannah is a 19th century structure oozing with southern charm. It has cozy fireplaces, four-poster beds, and really high ceilings. There are also whirlpool spas where couples can relax their tired muscles. You can tour around the downtown riding a horse-drawn carriage.

The Carneros Inn in California

What can go wrong in Napa Valley right? This hotel in the sunny state offers enjoyment of farmlands, apple orchards, and vineyards. The design of the house mixes farmhouse elements with modern-day elements. You and your partner can explore grapevine lined paths, a bike tour for wine tasting, and the beautiful scenery from their hilltop pool.

Old Edwards Inn in North Carolina

If you love the outdoorsy type of fun, this old English manor may appeal to you. You will be welcomed by a bottle of champagne and from there you can practically do what ever you want. You can go biking, hiking, gem mining, picnicking, rafting, among others. You can enjoy this for around $159 a night.

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Computer glitches, airports, and survival tips

November 27th, 2012 · No Comments

at-the-airportThe technology we have is great as long as it keeps working. We had several major computer glitches in recent history that have caused the delay of thousands of flights. We are basically at the mercy of computers and it can be really frustrating when systems are down and you have to get to your next destinations. Here are some travel tips to help you get through all the technology disasters you might encounter while traveling:

Bring your tablet or smartphone

Fight technology downtime with other technologies available. Your smartphone and other gadgets may save you from all the trouble. Using your phone and tablet, you can contact everyone you need to get in touch with. You can also get updates and look for your alternatives online.

Non-stop flights

You maybe getting more miles out of your card when you book connecting flights but if you really want to stay out of possible travel hassles, book non-stop flights. It is just a matter of lowering the risks of encountering these computer glitches while rushing to catch your next flight.

Follow and Like your airline’s social media pages

Websites will not be updated so quickly about delays. Your best hope for an update will be your airline’s Twitter or Facebook profiles. Most airlines use these platforms to get in touch with the public nowadays plus from time to time, they also rub promo that can help you save some money.

Stay calm

No one wants the computer problems to happen and it will not be help if you will be arguing with the airline staff or be irate with the airport employees. During these times, most people will be at their breaking points amid all the chaos and the complaints. Instead of throwing all the expletives you have been hiding in your vocabulary, try to relax and find solutions, or something fun to do.

When you take up any NIB Travel Insurance plan, get a free tree planted to help offset the carbon footprint of your travels.

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Top 5 Villas in Southeast Asia

September 27th, 2012 · No Comments

If you are going on a holiday to Southeast Asia and planning to splurge, we listed the best villas that you can rent. These are private havens for you and your partner or the whole family maybe. You really do not have to worry about anything as they are designed to pamper and spoil their guests:

Ariara – Palawan, Philippines

Couples traveling without their kids will find this villa in the Calamian Island near Palawan as a paradise on earth. It was recently named as among the top destinations by Vogue magazine. The structure of the villa is excellent but what you will fall in love with is the isolation since you will be the only ones on the island. There are also private dive guides to help you explore the surrounding waters.

The Edge – Bukit, Bali

It costs a fortune to stay in this private villa in Bali but everyone who stayed here says it is worth it. The property is huge and its architecture is jaw dropping. You will be a few steps from the beach and and the lush green. It is all about solitude and breathtaking views.

Baan Suriya – Koh Samui, Thailand

You have six rooms for the whole family or group of friends and facilities that are the best in the area. You might hear some traffic noise but you will forget all about it when you enjoy the great service of the staff, luxurious environment, and pristine waters nearby.

The Shanti Residence – Bali

This private villa offers a Jacuzzi and three pools for your enjoyment. The views are just purely stunning. This is perfect for big families who want some bonding time in this corner of the globe. You will have access to five rooms while the staff of the property will be more than willing to help you with your needs.

Villa Sapi – Tanjung, Lombok

This villa is another isolate property in Lombok. Showers are outside the villa but if you want to head out straight to the sea, it is just a few steps away. You have access to five large rooms, three pools, and great food.

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Travel Guide: Choosing the best hotel in Mexico City

June 26th, 2012 · No Comments

mexico-city-hotelsMexico city is a very dynamic place and home to about 20 million people. It is a fun place to visit and you will never ran out of things to do in Mexico City. Before thinking of the best things to do though, you must get a hotel room where you can stay. Here are some of the best Mexico City hotels that will fit your budget:

Budget hotel

If your travel budget is a bit tight and you want a hotel which will not burn a big hole in your pocket, you get a room at Hotel Cathedral in downtown Mexico City. Its name is actually inspired by a nearby cathedral. The hotel is ideally located if you want to visit the historic sites of the city. Just go to the rooftop of the hotel and you will be able to see the old churches and palaces nearby. A night here will cost you $50.


Another popular hotel in Mexico City is the Hotel Geneve. It has been there since 1907 but has gone through some renovations to make the place more fun and roomy. You have access to a famous cafe and department store when you go to the lobby of the hotel. The concierge can also guide you to the best bars and restaurants nearby. A night in Hotel Geneve will set you back $100.

Luxury Hotels

There are a lot of nice luxury hotels Mexico City. It really depends on your budget and the kind of lxuury treatment you want to receive.

There is the Hotel Alcobas which is among the best hotels you can get in this place. Everything here is subtle and every room a perfect getaway for tired travellers. Another excellent hotel is the Hotel Brick, a stylish place in Colonia Roma. The rooms in this scaled tower hotel are very fashionable and you can book one for at least $220 a night.

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Best free travel apps for Android tablets and smartphones

March 19th, 2012 · No Comments

You might often see travel tips articles listing down the best iPad and iPhone apps that can help holidaymakers. This time we put the spotlight to some of the best travel apps for Android devices. These Android apps will help travelers plan their trips, get the best deals, and save some money in the process:


This is an excellent travel app which can help you find the best hotel rates, car rentals, flights, and track your flight. You will be able to compare the rates and get what suits you best It is very easy to use and will aid you even for planning a business or major holiday with your family.


This is another free app for your Android device which can help you find local businesses, restaurants, theaters, events, and people. It will allow travelers to find the best things which interest them, check schedules that fit theirs, map directions, and make connections with other people. You can even reserve a seat for a restaurant that you want to try out from the app.


TripIt allows a traveler to organized into one itinerary all of his or her travel plans which can be sync with the website or your online calender. It basically collates everything so you do not have to dig in thru your email inbox for all the confirmations and details or keep several printouts in an envelop.


When have a business trip, you might be required to monitor your expenses and also liquidate by presenting your receipts when you get back to the office. This travel app will be very useful as it allows you to scan your receipt and input whatever purchases you made. So you basically digitize everything with Expensify instead of keeping the small copies of the transaction.


The Hipmunk is another useful Android travel app which helps you find the best accommodation and flights that will fit your budget. It makes use of a timeline which allows your to visualize the best options for your travel. It also factors in the “agony” involved during the trip which is actually the amount of waiting, time of travel, and stop overs that you might encounter.

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Best winter lodges across the globe

January 11th, 2012 · No Comments

winter-lodgeA lot of people might decide to stay tucked under their blankets or relax near their own fireplace but winter travel can be a lot of fun especially if you are stay